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Are college loans worth it?

If it means earning a million more in a lifetime than non-college grads, many would say that it is definitely worth it. But is it really worth the years that you can be in debt if ever you even graduate?
My position regarding college loans isn’t really that firm, really. Every person’s case and circumstance is different from the other but debt is one of the financial killers out there and it doesn’t really make sense to place yourself tens of thousands of dollar in debt even before you earn your first real paycheck.
The recession has even made it more complex since the amount of job losses and unemployed made it even more tricky. A great number of borrowers find themselves still without jobs after graduation. With loans unpaid, they’re sinking into a deeper hole.
1. You don’t really need college to succeed… In my book, no amount of classroom learning can ever swap for life smarts and determination. I think we’ve already got too many Bill Gateses and Steve Jobses who can attest that a college degree is necessary to earn the big bucks.
2. …But learning it helps. Still, I have to press on the issue. You can’t mess with the statistics that tell you that college degree holders get more over a lifetime of earning than high school graduate counterparts.
3.Go for affordable education. If going to a more expensive college is not an option given your finances, then opt for a more affordable one. You can go to a state college or university. Or if even that will be a strain, then go to a community college.
4. Time things properly. You can always get better education anytime. You can opt for a BA degree now from a cheaper institution and take additional classes to supplement your learning with things relevant to your work. Drowning yourself in debt and interest for years after you graduate doesn’t really seem to be a sensible thing to do nowadays.

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