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How to talk about money

People rarely talk about money. That’s why when some veer towards that topic, others have no choice but feel uncomfortable. Avoiding any talk of money is almost impossible. So, when caught in that situation, here are some tips on how you can handle them.
Your salary
It’s never advisable to divulge your salary to everyone. You shouldn’t also brag about bonuses, commissions, and compensation packages. But if someone asks how much you earn, the safe response would be “I make enough to get by.”
Real estate
This one is tricky. Because even if you answer vaguely, transactions go to public records. If a neighbor is really eager to know how much you spend for your four bedroom Colonial, he can always go to the local county clerk’s office or search the Internet for it. Despite this, it doesn’t mean you’ll answer all questions right off the bat. You can just say that you got your home either below or above the asking price.
A flashy car will not be left unnoticed. If asked about the car you drive around, simply name the car and drop the topic. You don’t want people to be overwhelmed by your arrogance by talking more about its price tag.
Public vs. private school
It’s no secret that private schools are pricier than public schools. Sending a kid to a private school is regarded as a status symbol. In this sense, it’s just rude to name drop your child’s prep school at random people just to impress. Try to be polite by naming the school and explaining vaguely what you like best about their curriculum.
Your investment portfolio
Your investment portfolio should be treated as your salary – you shouldn’t divulge its exact value. Deflect questions by answering with estimations, with percentages rather than the value in dollars.
Bragging about one’s money is offensive. Know more about your friends and acquaintances by asking about themselves and not by their wealth (or lack thereof).

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