четверг, 19 ноября 2015 г.

Four more money saving mistakes

For the sake of being frugal, oftentimes, we end up spending more. There are those who drive around town just to search for the cheapest gas. We know that’s not practical, especially if you’re saving a nickel at most. Below are some of the common financial wrong moves people tend to commit.
Falling for ‘free’
Consumers always think that since something is ‘free,’ then there is no downside to it. A ‘free shipping with a $150 purchase’ promo, for example, would make you spend more than what you intend just to avail of the free shipping.
Overdosing at the dollar store
Dollar stores are gaining popularity since people are looking for bargains. But according to Consumer Reports, some products are actually dangerous, such as lamps and extension cords with fake UL labels certifying their safety, or some over-the-counter Aspirin shelved even beyond their expiration dates.
Buying in bulk
For some, buying in bulk is a good idea, since it can really save them money. But why would you buy items in bulk if you know that you can’t consume it all? Such a waste of money.
Making repairs yourself
There are broken things best left in the hands of professionals to be fixed, especially if making your own repairs would take up precious time but would still end up being a wreak. In this case, choosing an expert to do it is a cheaper alternative.

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